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Eurasia Barber


Welcome to the Eurasia barber shop. A new and innovating shop recently established at Eurasia Market, Fronthill park, Fronthill Road Dublin 22 to cater all tasks.

Eurasia barber shop Male Grooming is a salon for toddlers, teens and men, where you can get a Traditional scissor over Comb Haircut right to the latest design.
A Traditional wet shave with a Facial Massage and a Hot Towel.
Our dedicated team is highly trained and specialised means the Eurasia barber shop Gents can truly boast to meet all expectations of today’s 21st century men.
walk in for taking an appointment there is no unnecessary hanging around. Feel free to call, text or email us today, you will get an appointment and a warm Eurasia barber shop will welcome you that Fits to highest of standards.
Eurasia barbershop offer a relaxed and refreshing environment, which is accessible to beauty shop, travel agency, grocery, vegetable, Indian food and sweet outlets. Our prices are easy to understand, affordable, ensuring that our customers can come to us when they want to, not when they can afford to !

Come and enjoy the new experience
(Salim & Kabeer)

Range of services
Monday to Thursday for under 12  (Haircut and Finish) discount €6.00
Fri, Sat, Sun Haircut and finish €8.00
Shampoo & Haircut and Finish €12.00
Hot Towel Shave and Facial Massage €20.00
Beard Trim €4.00
Moustache Trim €2.00
Full Grooming €20.00


Eurasia Beauty Parlour

Range of services Price

Eurasia Boutique

Range of services Price


Eurasia Dosa Corner


It is a common breakfast dish in South of India. The dosa is rich in carbohydrates, contains no sugar or saturated fats and its constituent ingredients of rice and lentils mean that it is gluten-free and contains protein. The fermentation process increases the vitamin B and vitamin C content. There are also instant mix products available in supermarkets for making dosa.

Basic preparation

Rice is ground finely to form a batter. Rice is uncooked or parboiled. The mixture of urad dal (black lentils) and rice can be replaced with highly refined wheat flour to make a maida dosa or semolina for a rava dosa.
A thin layer of the batter is then ladled onto a hot griddle ( a thava) greased with oil or ghee (clarified butter). It is spread out evenly with the base of a ladle or bowl to form a pancake. It is flipped to heat both crusts and removed from the griddle when the crust becomes dry. Dosa are served hot, either folded in half or rolled like a wrap.
Serving methods

Dosa can be stuffed with fillings of vegetables, meats and sauces to make a quick meal. They are typically served with a side dish which varies according to regional and personal preferences. Common side items are:


Wet chutney: examples include coconut chutney (a semi-solid paste made up of coconut, dal (lentils), green chilli and mint or coriander)

Dry chutney: a powder of spices and desiccated coconut.

Range of services Price
Masala Dosa € 5.00
Chicken Briyani € 6.00
Appam & Veg. Kurma € 4.00
Water/Coke/7UP/Orange € 1.00

Eurasia Sweet Corner

Range of services Price


Eurasia Hot Daily Corner

Range of services Price
Samosa €1.50
Rice and Curry €3.99
Spring Roll €1.50
Saag Paneer €3.99
Veg Pakora €1.50
Bhel Poori €3.39
Okra Masala €3.99
Mirchi Vada €1.50
Channa Chat €2.50
Aloo Tikki €1.50
Bagoni €1.50
Samosa Chat €2.50

Eurasia Butcher

Range of services Price


Eurasia Supermarket
Unit 1, Fonthill Retail Park
Fonthill Road
Dublin 22

Phone: 00353-1-616 6106
Fax: 00353-1-616 6107
Email: info@eurasia.ie
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